Looking Back at Energy Psychology in 2018: An Early Pioneer’s Perspective

doi 10.9769/EPJ.2018.10.1.FG

Fred Gallo


“Retrospective” is from the Latin retrospectare, meaning “to look back.” Here we are in 2018, looking back over our shoulders at the development of Energy Psychology, a term coined with the publication of my first professional book in 1999, Energy Psychology: Exploration at the Interface of Energy, Cognition, Behavior, and Health. The idea had been resonating for some time prior to that book, however, implicit in the work of Dr. Roger Callahan and intimated in some of my papers and workshops throughout the United States and Canada beginning in 1993.

This is partly a review of Energy Psychology from my perspective, recognizing that others may see things differently. I began a private clinical psychology practice in 1977; by 1992, I was feeling somewhat uninspired with some of the methods I was applying in an effort to help people, especially in trying to resolve trauma and phobias and elevate self-esteem. Even though many of the theories and techniques I applied were effective in some respects, I was feeling a need for something more—something new, unique, and highly efficient. It seems that my intention attracted something new.

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