Thought Field Therapy: Early Challenges and Rewards in the Presentation of a Novel Therapy

doi 10.9769/EPJ.2018.10.1.JC

Joanne Callahan, and Howard Robson


Many of us are not aware of the challenges experienced by an innovator or developer of a new paradigm. Having lived and worked with one of those innovators for over 25 years, I (Joanne) am in a unique position to share what I think it takes to bring something new into the status quo in any field. I can also see the rewards of discovering a new way to help others, bringing healing and peace to our world.

Innovators are often sharply criticized for being narrow-minded, single-focused, arrogant individuals. Some critics consider them egotists and combative. But these characteristics are the very qualities that allow them to remain dedicated to their purpose, persevering even under extreme hardship and ostracism. They “know” they are right.

It is the rewards of improving the quality of life for those who have come to them, desperate and hopeless, of seeing masses of people healed, and entire regions of a country transformed that keep them going for their entire lives.

I shall share just a few of the challenges that Roger Callahan, PhD, my late husband, experienced along the way of introducing a new therapeutic technique to the world. I will also include the rewards, as well as Roger’s motivation, in an effort to help us better understand what drives innovative individuals to keep going, against all odds, to provide us with something better than what currently exists. After all, that is what science is really about: finding something better.

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