Single-Session Reductions in Emotional Distress in an Addiction Clinic after Thought Field Therapy Treatment

doi 10.9769/EPJ.2023.15.1.JC

Jennifer Cribbs

Cribbs, J. (2023). Single-session reductions in emotional distress in an addiction clinic after Thought Field Therapy treatment. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 15(1), 23–30.


Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a promising psychotherapy approach due to its ability to relieve human suffering rapidly. This brief intervention is an energy-based therapy that is proving to be an effective treatment for a wide range of clinical conditions. Numerous studies have shown that the use of tapping can produce immediate, long-lasting results. Drawing from information gathered at SpiritLife, an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, this research examined the effects of a single TFT session on individuals who have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder and have been experiencing distress related to trauma. Thirty-seven participants (17 male and 20 female), aged 23–37, used the Subjective Units of Distress (SUD) scale to rate their symptoms prior to and after a single session. A statistically significant decrease in symptoms was observed in 100% of participants postintervention (p < .00). This further supports other clinical trials indicating that TFT is an effective treatment for a variety of psychological conditions and emotional distress. While Energy Psychology can be applied as an independent therapeutic modality, the mechanisms of the intervention allow practitioners to integrate it easily into an existing clinical framework.

Keywords: Thought Field Therapy, TFT, addiction, trauma, emotional distress, energy psychology, tapping, energy-based, Callahan, holistic, meridian points

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