Enhancing the Efficacy of Energy Psychology Psychotherapies by Neutralizing Individual Energy Toxins

doi 10.9769/EPJ.2013.5.2.RP.RC.JC.DR

Robert J. Pasahow
Roger J. Callahan
Joanne Callahan
Doris J. Rapp
Thought Field Therapy Association

Energy Psychology Journal, 5:2 By Dawson Church, Paperback ? December 15, 2013Abstract:This informational article examines the diagnostic and treatment methods of Thought Field Therapy (TFT), the first comprehensive energy psychology (EP) psychotherapy system. A review of the research on the efficacy of and a description of the 2 TFT models that incorporate acupoint stimulation are described. Emotional Freedom Techniques is a second EP psychotherapy model that involves acupoint stimulation.

Psychological reversals (PRs) and energy toxins (ETs) are 2 impediments to the effectiveness of these psychotherapies. Treatment protocols to eliminate PRs have been documented. This article introduces diagnostic and treatment methods to eliminate the obstructive effects of ETs.

Toxin testing is a unique diagnostic procedure within EP to identify ETs. Two treatment methods that utilize applied kinesiology to eliminate the obstructive effects of ETs are described. Case examples specify how each of these treatment methods is used to eliminate distress.

The similarity of 1 method, the Energy Toxin Neutralization Technique, to other health care interventions is explored.

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