Deconstructing the 6 Anti-Scientic Strategies for Denying a Highly Effective Therapy


Robert Schwarz

Abstract: This editorial describes a pattern of six basic interlocking and antiscientic strategies of dis-course used by writers and editors who are deeply biased against energy psychology despite evidence in favor of its efficacy. These strategies attempt to obscure their positions under a patina of objective evaluation.

The level of distortion has reached new heights in the recent publication of two highly biased and inflammatory articles (Gaudiano, Brown, & Miller, 2012; Bakker, 2013) followed by the refusal of the editors of each journal to publish responses written by well-qualied experts in the field.

In this way, antagonistic assessments of the energy psychology held are presented as objective reviews, while scientific discourse is stifled. The goal of this editorial is to cast light on this process of distortion, so that clinicians, consumers and policy-makers can better evaluate the evidence for the efficacy of energy psychology.

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