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Calling an Avalanche a Swamp: Comments on Bakker (2014)

doi 10.9769/EPJ.2014.6.1.DF David Feinstein Abstract: Gary Bakker maintains, in “A Bigger Swamp Is Still A Swamp” (2014), that “support for energy psychology’s efficacy has flat-lined” (p. 44) and that the rapid outcomes claimed by the method’s proponents ca be reasonably explained as the effects of exposure, placebo, expectancy, the therapeutic relationships, or other influences that are […]

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Abstracts – Energy Psychology Journal Volume 6, Number 1, May 2014

Table of Contents: EDITORIAL The Translational Gap: How the Medical System Obstructs Effective Patient Care Dawson Church GUEST EDITORIAL ESSAY Deconstructing the Six Anti-Scientific Strategies for Denying a Highly Effective Therapy (Energy Psychology) Robert Schwarz REVIEW ARTICLES Critical Thinking in the Energy Therapies:Comments on Gaudiano et al. (2012) Mary Sise, Eric Leskowitz, Phyllis K. Stein, […]

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