EPJ Nov 2015 coverEnergy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment is a peer-reviewed professional journal dedicated to reporting developments in the field of energy psychology (EP) that are of interest to healthcare professionals and researchers.

It contains original empirical research into the efficacy of EP methods; theoretical, experimental and basic science papers illuminating the mechanisms of action of EP; clinical insights on the application of EP to various populations, and interfaces with other interventions; book reviews, and abstracts published in other journals that are of relevance to the EP field.

Its goal is to further the development of EP as an evidence-based method in the healing sciences. It conforms to the editorial, stylistic, and ethical standards of the American Psychological Association (APA.org).

Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment (ISSN 1949-6575) is published bi-annually (November and April) by Energy Psychology Press. Energy psychology (EP) is an evolving and maturing field, rapidly meeting evidence-based standards for the treatment of many conditions.

Studies of EP have demonstrated its efficacy for a wide range of psychological and physical problems, from phobias to pain to post-traumatic stress disorder. EP is now being researched in hospital systems such as Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), large private hospital chains such as Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health, and the United States Veterans Administration (VA) system.

Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment is published by Energy Psychology Press, with support from many of the leading figures in the EP field, to provide a rigorous, high-quality, peer-reviewed forum for the publication of research results, theory, and clinical insights. The journal provides a forum for the exchange of the key discoveries and ideas that are driving the EP field forward.

Several sections appear in each issue of the journal:

EDITORIAL columns include guest editorials from some of the best thinkers and researchers in EP today;

ORIGINAL RESEARCH is reported, providing empirical evidence for various EP methods;

CLINICAL REPORTS describe the use of EP with challenging conditions and specific populations, and provide guidance for empirical research.

INTERFACES WITH OTHER THERAPIES show how EP is typically used in conjunction with other methods such as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), mindfulness therapy, addiction counseling, sports psychology, medicine, energy medicine, meditation, and life coaching.

REVIEW ARTICLES is a section that presents theoretical papers, literature reviews, innovations, and analyses. They explore issues from the professional condition of EP to the physiological mechanisms of action of EP.

BOOK REVIEWS will cover new and classic EP-related titles.

ABSTRACTS published in other journals that are relevant to EP are reprinted.