How to Get Energy Psychology Accepted in Mainstream Psychotherapy in French-Speaking Countries

doi 10.9769/EPJ.2018.10.1.JMG

Jean-Michel Gurret


Energy Psychology (EP) is currently developing rapidly in the French-speaking world, thanks largely to the joint action of two dynamic young companies: the French Institute of Energy Psychology (Institut Français de la Psychologie Énergétique Clinique, IFPEC), France’s leading school for training Energy Psychology therapists; and Quantum Way, initiator and organizer of the European Energy Psychology Congress. Both aim to build a bridge between the English-speaking and French-speaking worlds, thus providing the public with easy access to validated scientific studies in order to obtain the widest possible recognition of these practices. Based on American studies and the collaboration between EFT Universe and ACEP, these two French companies are working to provide professionals and the French-speaking public with quality evidence-based scientific information. The impact of their work is significant both within France and beyond.

The arrival of Energy Psychology is relatively recent in the Francophone world. I first learned about it in 2003 on the Internet and I did my first training in 2005. Like many psychotherapists, I was surprised at first by this method, which seemed so strange and simple at the same time. In my clinical practice, although I witnessed its effectiveness right from the start, I couldn’t help but be skeptical—particularly because there seemed to be no answer to the simple question: “Why does it work?” This led me to seek answers in the United States and guided me to a workshop with Dawson Church in Belgium in 2007. At the time, I was already trained in various tools, including hypnosis, meditation, cardiac coherence, and EFT, but had no clear vision of how to combine all this in an integrative practice for the benefit of my clients. Dawson Church’s answers satisfied my curiosity while generating even more questions.

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