The Healing Power of Energy Psychology: What the Research Published in Energy Psychology Journal Demonstrates

Energy Psychology (EP) journal has been publishing research in the field for many years.

Here, editor Dawson Church looks at some of the most noteworthy studies published in the journal and the range of conditions helped by EP treatment.

Among the topics covered are:

  • Why EP is the treatment of choice for therapists working with adult victims of sexual abuse
  • How EFT helps children overcome test anxiety
  • Quantum Touch and its effects on chronic pain
  • CBT and EFT in the treatment of victims of sexual violence in the Congo
  • EFT is effective for the treatment of psoriasis
  • After the 2010 Haiti earthquake: Using EFT with traumatized orphans and caregivers
  • Differential expression in 72 genes is found after an hour-long EFT session
  • EP with survivors of the Rwandan genocide
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