Psychosocial Genomics: A New Vision of the Psychotherapeutic Arts

Richard Hill


The new field of psychosocial genomics was first proposed by Ernest Rossi in 2002 and has been addressed progressively in articles, papers, books, and conference presentations.

The conceptual principle of studying the nature of activity-dependent and experience-dependent gene expression and neurogenesis, in relation to therapeutic practice, health, and well-being, is now being addressed by a range of research in a variety of disciplines.

A current definition of psychosocial genomics is presented in this paper.

Descriptions of current knowledge and understanding of gene expression at the biological level provide a platform for understanding the relationship between fundamental research and translational research applicable to psychotherapeutic practice.

Rossi encouraged the formation of international psychosocial genomics research groups for exploring these possibilities in academic institutions, government laboratories and health services, and professional medical and psychological societies. This article extends an open call for further organization and research in this new vision, and for the development and facilitation of psychosocial genomics in translational research from laboratory to clinical practice.

Keywords: Epigenetics, genomics, brain, stress, consciousness, hypnosis, neurogenesis


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