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Integrating Energy Psychology into Treatment for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

doi: 10.9769/EPJ.2009.1.1.KS By Kirsten Schulz Abstract This study evaluated the experiences of 12 therapists who integrated energy psychology (EP) into their treatments for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Participants completed an online survey and the qualitative data was analyzed using the Constant Comparative method. Seven categories containing 6 themes emerged as a result of […]

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Fighting the Fire: Emotions, Evolution, and the Future of Psychology

doi: 10.9769/EPJ.2009.1.1.DC Dawson Church Editorial The quest to relieve mental and emotional suffering is an ancient human enterprise. Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Buddha taught how suffering may be relieved through contemplation and meditation. His near-contemporary, the Greek philosopher Epicurus, proclaimed that any philosopher who did not reduce suffering was worthless. Residents of 8th century […]

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