The Challenges and Opportunities of Introducing Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Following the Haiti Earthquake

doi: 10.9769/EPJ.2012.4.1.PR

By Phyll Robson & Howard Robson


The 2010 earthquake in Haiti was followed by international emergency interventions.

The scale of the disaster resulted in considerable psychological trauma amongst the population, which was likely to persist after the initial emergency response. The authors visited Haiti 6 months after the earthquake with a medical team to deliver a 1-week Thought Field Therapy training program to the local community.

A 2-day training program was followed by opportunities for supervised practice. The authors have continued to receive positive feedback from participants, for more than 1 year following the training. Although limited healthcare and poor preceding infrastructure impaired the local response to the disaster, efforts were helped by the resilience of the population and their community spirit.

The visit success was facilitated by working with a team who were familiar with the country and negotiating with local community leaders, were adequately prepared, and gave attention to the authors’ security and health.

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